Specializations – Where clarity meets precision

Specialized texts often deal with complex subject matter, nuanced or industry-specific terminology or technical jargon that requires careful translation to ensure comprehension and maintain the integrity of the original message.

My four areas of expertise cover sustainability, international development, technology and economics. Together, they create a holistic framework for a robust and interdisciplinary approach.



Environmental science and engineering

Sustainable development

Renewable energy

Environmental policy

Data and statistical analysis

Scientific papers and presentations

Corporate sustainability

Policy frameworks and strategies

Environmental reports and assessments

Impact studies

Guidelines and best practices

Research papers and publications

International development

Policy documents

Reports and research papers

Health communication materials

Project proposals and funding applications

Monitoring and evaluation documents

Impact studies

Educational resources

Healthcare and education

Agricultural development

Gender equality and inclusion

Governance and policy


Technical reports

Engineering documents

Research papers and scientific publications

Software interfaces

Project proposals



Software localization

Website and app localization

Environmental technology

IT and communication


Policy documents and legislation

Research papers and academic publications

Reports and studies

Corporate sustainability reports

Financial statements and annual reports

Green bonds and sustainable finance

Economic development strategies

Circular economy

Doughnut economics

Green construction

Sustainable transport